Bilir misiniz mutluluk nedir? Ama gerçek mutluluk… Nedir bilir misiniz? Bir anlık sevinçler, geçici hisler değildir mutluluk. Hep var olan, sürekli olan bir duygudur mutluluk. Ne olursa olsun hep mutlusunuzdur. Kötü diye nitelendirebileceğiniz seyler olsa da mutlusunuzdur. İstediğiniz, hoşunuza giden birşey olmuştur vs. mutlu olursunuz, sonra kötü birşey olur mutsuz olursunuz. İşte bu mutluluk değil kardeşim. Bu geçici sevinç. Mutluluk süreklidir. Her an hem içinde, hem çevrendeki insanlarla ilişkilerinde hem de manevi hayatında hep bir huzur, mutluluk halidir. İşte bu mutluluktur. Yoksa kandırma kendini bugün mutluyum diye.. İçinde fırtınalar koparken, çevrendekilerle savaş halinde iken, içinde hep bir eksiklik, bir boşluk varken sanma ki mutlusun. MUTLU DEĞİLSİN KARDEŞ, OLAMAZSIN DA… İnanması zor değil mi? Mutlu olduğunu sandığın zamanlarda meğersem mutlu değilmişsin. Ama asıl soru gerçekten mutlu olabilir misin? EVET. Nasıl mı?

Sor kendine…

Neden çevrendeki bu olaylar oluyor, neden istediklerin olmuyor, neden bazen istediklerin oluyor, neden hep herşey seni buluyor, neden hep herşeyden negatif etkileniyorsun; eşinden, işinden, komşundan, ailenden… Neden kimse sana yardım etmiyor, neden kimse sana para vermiyor, neden kimse elinden tutup zor anında seni kurtarmıyor, neden için kor ateşlerle yandığında, ne sebepten olursa olsun kimse su serpmiyor içine, neden…

Simdi bu soruları benim sana sorduğumu düşün. Neden benim çevremde bu olayları oluşturuyorsun, neden benim istediklerimi yapmıyorsun, neden hep beni buluyorsun, neden benden negatif etkileniyorsun, neden bana yardım etmiyorsun, neden bana para vermiyorsun, benimle az da olsa paranı paylaşmıyorsun, neden elimden tutup zor anımda beni kurtarmıyorsun, neden içime su serpmiyorsun ihtiyacım olunca, neden…

İşte kardeş sen de diğer herkes gibi hep bana hep bana dersen kimse kalmaz yanında.. Dersen ki kardeşim önce sana, dost bulursun yanında hic ummadığın anda… Bir el uzanmış uzaklardan, yukarılardan , ordan, burdan… ama uzanmış sana bir el, sorma ne aradan..Sen inan, güven, dertleş onunla…Duymaz mı sanırsın seni yaratan…O duymaz da kimler duyar be adam..

(Buradan sonra yazılan şu birkaç satır derindir kardeş, çıkamayacaksan içinden bence sen dalma, kal burada)

Bu satırları yazar iken bilir misin ne haldeyem? Bilmezsin be kardeş bilmezsin… Ben bile bilmiyorum ki sen nice bilesin…Bende bu ben var iken ne ben ne de sen bilebilirsin ben ne haldeyem…Sen sen ol, kurtul senden kardeş.

Streets Of Denver

Denver , Colorado is six hours from where I live. I have been there for 3 nights and days. First night (Friday),  my husband and I went to 16th street Mall right after checking in our hotel. It was beautiful with all the lights, stores on each side, the free Mall bus and the horse drown carriages.

16th street mall is a long street with cafes, restaurants and shopping places. If you like you can walk all the way up and down the street or if you are tired you can take free bus on this street. If you feel like a romantic ride, you can get on the beautifully decorated, colored horse drown carriages. Unfortunately, I could not take their picture since I did not have my camera with me.

Next day (Saturday), after having my brunch at Mercury Cafe, I started wondering around the streets of Denver. I have taken  hundreds of pictures. At the end of the day, feeling tired because of walking 5-6 hours, I took a bus till Broadway street and a free mall bus from there to California Street where my hotel is.

Beside the fact that my feet were hurting, I was really happy because I had taken about 500 pictures, found quite unique places in the streets of Denver. I had few places that I wanted to visit but couldn’t such as:

I did go (walk) to these cafes but they (first two) were closed by the time I was there and the third one, I did not have time. :( I wanted to see these because they were locally sourced/organic cafes.

Same Cafe is a unique place where you can eat but pay as a donation or volunteer work. While I was passing by this cafe, I was trying to look through the window, since it was closed, I heard a voice over my shoulder saying ‘This is a great place, you eat really good food and you only put money in donation box. I ate good pizza for only $2 ‘. It was a man on the street going the same way with me. This place was only using locally grown/organic ingredients and everybody could eat there, whether they have money or not. I was impressed.

Cafe Sanora is an Italian cafe, foods made with locally sourced produce and meat whenever possible. Of course coffee is Rainforest Alliance Certified and organic coffee.

The French Press I wanted to go here because I heard they have European style pastries. I love those creamy and/or flaky desserts.

On Sunday I could not get out of the hotel because of the snow. Yes, on Saturday it was beautiful and warm, but all of a sudden, on Sunday snow decided  to come to Denver for 3 days (as news channels said). It was OK though, because I was really tired and hanged out in the concierge room categorizing my pictures and publishing  Mercury Cafe while I was enjoying breakfast, hors d’oeuvre , dessert and drinks all day :) .

I believe, sometimes instead of words, seeing (pictures) are more descriptive, they speak for their selves. So please enjoy my pictures from my Facebook page.

My picture gallery for Denver:

On The Way To Denver

The streets of Denver

Mercury Cafe

Capitol Hill Books,  bookstore

Common Grounds, cafe

Coors Field, stadium

Hollywood Posters

Osteria Marco, Italian restaurant

Pandora, gift shop

Rialto Cafe

The Desk, cafe & workplace

The Market, market

…………………, Italian restaurant

The Market on Urbanspoon

Mercury Cafe, Denver (CO)

I tagged along to my husband when he came to Denver for business. I am glad that I did. I found a place where I can eat clean & delicious food, listen to poetry and watch people swing (unfortunately i can’t but  enjoyed the music though).  MERCURY CAFE . I am impressed by the community youth who read their own poems with such passion I even felt them (considering i do not have any talent/education on it).

I loved the colors and the paintings (everywhere) done by the employees in the dining, poetry (Jungle Room) and dance (Dance Hall) salons. They have different events everyday Mercury Cafe Events.

We had brunch and light dinner there.

For Brunch: I had two eggs (organic), green chile, grilled potatoes and house made spelt bread. My husband had the vegetarian omelet. I ate every bit of it as my husband did his too. Our brunch plates came with piece of fruit, bread, butter and house made pear preserve (I guess, may be I should say sweetened, softened pear slices).

For dinner: I had small salad with green chile soup (as you can tell I love spicy, hot food) and my husband had Quesadilla (blue corn ) with trout. My bowl of soup was kind of too hot (spicy) and I wanted to mix it with milk so that I can have creamy and little bit less spicy. My server was so kind, she even warmed it up for me and guess what, she said milk was organic, if i am not mistaken, the milk was the kind that I use at home, non-homogenized, good quality of milk that comes in glass.

For me; milk, chicken and eggs are really important. They HAVE TO be ORGANIC. They were organic here, PLUS bread was house made, this means no additives & no unnecessary, hard-to-pronounce ingredients.

They had different varieties of desserts including vegan and Gluten free. After 10 pm, it was half off :)

Well, I will leave the rest to the pictures … By the way, you will see our brunch server’s picture. Her name is Aimee.

Thank you Aimee and Cafe Mercury for the wonderful time and food that you provided us.

P.s: You can’t use credit/debit card there, so have some cash with you.

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Mercury Cafe on Urbanspoon

Salty Crackers



I love salty crackers. I even crave them sometimes. I use this very delicious, easy recipe. It is melt in your mouth kind of cracker which goes great with cheese or you can even eat it alone with tea ( Turkish tea :) ).


2 cups organic flour (1 cup whole, 1 cup white flour)

1/2 tsp baking powder

1/2 tsp Himalayan salt

1 tbs organic apple vinegar

113 gr organic butter (1 stick) (room temperature)

1 organic egg yolk

1/4 cup olive oil

Egg white, sesame seeds, caraway seeds (to put on)


Mix dry ingredients and add wet ingredients.

You can add some water to adjust the humidity of the dough.

Cut the dough in two. Roll the dough in between two parchment papers. Take off the upper parchment paper, cut the dough in cubes, spread egg white and sprinkle sesame & caraway seeds. Put this one (dough on parchment paper) in your pyrex or on the baking sheet. Do the same thing for the second dough.

Bake in preheated 400F oven for 15-20 minutes.

I just baked these for my weekend trip. I am sure they will be great on the road as a snack. I hope you also like them as much as I do :)



Compulsive Eating & Dieting?!

I am reading a book which, i believe, really enlightened me about dieting, eating and being happy. Now i can understand the reasons of why i eat,  what i eat and when i eat. It made me feel happier because i do not feel guilty of eating anymore. I started to trust myself so that i do not need any diet plan tell me when to eat, what to eat or what not to eat. I started to enjoy eating and stop when i am full.

I used to finish whole tub of chocolate mouse before (and feeling guilty), but now few spoonful is enough and i do not feel guilty, i enjoy it. I know if i want more i can eat it later, but not now because i feel full and satisfied. :) I do not need to go on diet and suffer any more.

immydr-my books

immydr-my books

I recommend you read this book. It has exercises in it to help you understand yourself ; Why do you eat? Do you have compulsive eating problem? Why do you have it? Why weight (wait for the things that you want)? Are there other pleasures besides food? etc.

There are 7 guidelines explained in the book and exercises related to these guidelines. I will tell you my favorite ones that helped me.

-Eat when you are (physically) hungry. (There are tips to help you  understand if it is physical or emotional hunger.)

-Eat only what you want. (At first, i was afraid, because i thought all i want would be chocolate pudding, chocolate mouse or chocolate lava cake. But i guarantee you that is not the case. I crave soup with lots of spices, i want to eat salmon with brown rice, freshly squeezed vegetable juice etc. :)  )

-Eat until you are satisfied. (I used to eat 5-7 times a day and most of the time i had problem figuring out what i wanted to eat. Now, i am eating 2-3 times a day including my dessert if i want it that day. You read me right, there are some days that i do not crave sweets. This means a lot to me.)

Well, the rest  you can read. 186 pages that makes you think, smile and say ‘hmmm…’.

Book: ‘WHY WEIGHT? A Guide To Ending Compulsive Eating’

Author: Geneen ROTH

Mini Breads & Cinnamon Rolls




2 cup warm water

2 cup whole wheat flour

2 tsp yeast

2 tbs butter

2 tsp salt

2 1/2 cup whole white flour

-Put the ingredients in order it is written and stir well every time you add an ingredient. (As you see this is a different method.)

-Knead the dough about 5-7 minutes. Dough will be soft but not sticky. Put dough in a greased container, cover with towel and let rise till it is double in volume.

-Cut dough in two, one for bread and the other for cinnamon rolls.

-First dough: Cut in two, give oval shape and put in floured square Pyrex. Cover with towel and let rise till it is double in volume. Bake in preheated $400F oven.

immydr-cinnamon rolls

immydr-cinnamon rolls

-Second dough: Roll into 10″x14″ rectangle. Spread the filling leaving spaces on each

long side and  sprinkle pecan.

Roll the dough into a log the long way, loosely. Cut into 8-12 pieces.

Place in a pan. Let rise. Bake in preheated 350F oven for 20-25 minutes.


1 cup sugar

2 tbs butter

1 tbs cinnamon

little water to make it spreadable

I don’t  like it too sweet but you can adjust your sugar amount.

p.s: I live in high altitudes where you need to use less yeast, more water and may be less cooking  and rising times. Please consider this.


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Smoothies, Juice & Salads

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Tarçınlı Sıcak, Yumuşak Elma & Baharatlı Çikolata Sosu

Baharatlı çikolata sosunun tarifi:ımmydr

1 yemek kaşığı (yk) kakao

1 yk hindistan cevizi yağı

1 yk badem ezmesi (şekersiz, almond butter deniyor)

1 yk hindistan cevizi

1/2 yk bal

biraz su

Ağız tadınıza göre sukanat rendesi ve zencefil tozu (birer çimdik yeterli bence)

Bütün malzemeyi karıştırın. İstenilen yoğunluk için su miktarını ayarlayabilirsiniz.


Elmanın yapılışının tarifi:

Kabukları soyulmuş elmaları küçük doğrayıp (böylece çabuk pişer) tavada biraz su ve tarçınla yüksek ateşte dışı hafif yumuşayıp içi ısınana kadar pişirdim.

Resimde gördüğünüz gibi küçük bir tabakta önce elmaları koyup üzerine çikolata sosunu koyarak servis yapabilirsiniz.


Az görünmesine rağmen sosun içindeki protein ve yararlı yağlar sayesinde çok doyurucu oldu. Bence baharatların da etkisi vardır tabii. Nedense baharatlar olduğu zaman daha çok zevk alıp tokluk hissediyorum .