Healthy Liver Tips

Did you know that LIVER;

1- detoxifies the body

2- regulates carbohydrate metabolism

3- regulates protein metabolism

4- has storage function (glycogen, vitamins (A, D, B complex), iron, copper)

For healthy liver;

1- Liver uses sulfur to break down toxic substances into harmless ones. Eat eggs, cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, kale, cauliflower) raw garlic and onion that are rich in sulfur.

2-Avoid foods that you may be allergic to. Ex: Wheat; Try to eat gluten-free grains. ex: Quinoa, Brown rice, millet,  oat, amaranth

3- Avoid consuming large amount of SUGAR and those that turn into sugar (Sugar, bread, pasta, cracker, pancake, waffle, juice ,soda they turn into sugar or fat really quick)

4- NO MIXTURE OF SUGAR AND FAT (Ice cream, breaded meat)

5- Eat raw grated beet or steamed beet every day. Beets thin the bile and good for constipation.

6- Consume good bacteria; Fermented food, apple cider vinegar, low-fat yogurt, sauerkraut. Avoid constipation.

7- Consuming refined grain products and refined sugar depletes the body of potassium and vitamin B. One teaspoon of nutritional yeast every day is good.

8- NO MSG you take high amount of sodium without tasting the saltiness. Opposing mineral of sodium is potassium (leafy greens, kidney beans, avocado, and sea kelp) which is needed to support fat burning hormone.

9- Eat small amount of lean protein (fish, chicken, lamb, raw nuts, eggs unless gallbladder is sluggish).

10- Get your Vitamin C and E; leafy green vegetables. Half teaspoon of wheat germ a day.

11- Do weight training and short, quick, intense exercise (increase growth hormone)

12- Get enough sleep (Increase growth hormone). Getting less than 7 hours of sleep inhibit fat burning hormone.

13- Don’t eat carbs 90 minutes before bed. Don’t eat carb 1 hour before exercise.

14- Don’t eat when you are not hungry ex;just because it is your lunch time. Your liver will be working far too hard.

15- Don’t eat when you are tired, stressed or anxious. Because your blood flow, body energy will focus on the other areas of your body and you won’t be able to digest the food you ate which will cause abdominal bloating.

16- Try to eat organically grown fresh produce and meat as much as possible. This means less/no pesticides, chemicals, hormones, antibiotics, preservatives, colorings etc. = Less job for your liver to detoxify your body.

17- Try to eat different sources of protein . Ex; grains, nuts (soak them overnight for easier digestion), seeds and legumes (sprouting seeds and legumes increases their nutritional values)

When you are stressed, adrenalin overproduce and it becomes difficult to think clearly. You look for comfort in food.

1- Eat fats such as butter, avocado, cream cheese, brie cheese with apple, coconut butter. These stabilize your blood sugar.

2- Take calming minerals; potassium, magnesium and calcium ( not the calcium carbonate version.)

I have only mentioned some important points for healthy liver. Please do your homework and read more about it. Your liver health is really  important. Think of your weight issues, libido etc. YES, they (and more health issues) all have to do with your LIVER.