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Compulsive Eating & Dieting

I am reading a book which, i believe, really enlightened me about dieting, eating and being happy. Now i can understand the reasons of why i eat,  what i eat and when i eat. It made me feel happier because i do not feel guilty of eating anymore. I started to trust myself so that i do not need any diet plan tell me when to eat, what to eat or what not to eat. I started to enjoy eating and stop when i am full.

I used to finish whole tub of chocolate mouse before (and feeling guilty), but now few spoonful is enough and i do not feel guilty, i enjoy it. I know if i want more i can eat it later, but not now because i feel full and satisfied. :) I do not need to go on diet and suffer any more.

immydr-my books

immydr-my books

I recommend you read this book. It has exercises in it to help you understand yourself ; Why do you eat? Do you have compulsive eating problem? Why do you have it? Why weight (wait for the things that you want)? Are there other pleasures besides food? etc.

There are 7 guidelines explained in the book and exercises related to these guidelines. I will tell you my favorite ones that helped me.

-Eat when you are (physically) hungry. (There are tips to help you  understand if it is physical or emotional hunger.)

-Eat only what you want. (At first, i was afraid, because i thought all i want would be chocolate pudding, chocolate mouse or chocolate lava cake. But i guarantee you that is not the case. I crave soup with lots of spices, i want to eat salmon with brown rice, freshly squeezed vegetable juice etc. :)  )

-Eat until you are satisfied. (I used to eat 5-7 times a day and most of the time i had problem figuring out what i wanted to eat. Now, i am eating 2-3 times a day including my dessert if i want it that day. You read me right, there are some days that i do not crave sweets. This means a lot to me.)

Well, the rest  you can read. 186 pages that makes you think, smile and say ‘hmmm…’.

Book: ‘WHY WEIGHT? A Guide To Ending Compulsive Eating’

Author: Geneen ROTH