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My NEP 11 – My Eating Protocol (Plan)



Today, I’d like to tell you a little bit about the insights that I got from my doctor (from yesterday’s visit). Why my weight lost slowed down, why I still do not have enough energy to do cardio in the mornings and more.

First, weight loss: As you know by now, I am on some kind of an ‘elimination diet’ where most food groups are eliminated for me for 3 months. I will not go into details since I did it in my previous posts. You can read it here . I lost 8 lb in the first 2 weeks, than only 2 lb in the next 2 weeks. When I asked this to my doctor, (I have Dr B. (he) and her associate doctor Dr V. (she) 😊 Yesterday, I talked to Dr V. ) she said it is normal to loose weight fast in the first few weeks and then slow down. We reviewed all the basics. Basics:

  • Diet
  • Supplements
  • Sleep
  • Water intake (Drink only what you are thirsty for, do not force to drink more than your body needs)
  • Enough protein (0 blood type needs high protein)
  • Exercise (mornings are better for my body type to handle stress and prevent stagnation)
  • Rest when your body needs, do not push. But distinguish the lack of motivation to do things ex: exercise and lack of energy

I need to work on sleep and exercise.

Exercise: Ideally, I need to do 45 minutes cardio or strength trainings in the morning, every day. I can not do it. Some weeks, I feel motivated, have a little energy to get me started to move even though not 45 minutes cardio. I actually shared my exercise routines for those days here and here. Solution: Do what ever I can every morning; if I can not do every morning, every other day or every third day. May be, my body needs rest/recovery in between exercises. So I will listen to my body and do as much as it lets me do. I will also start with walking or any other low impact exercises I can do. I may do shorter sessions of cardio too, we’ll see. Here the important question is: Is it my body or is it my lack of motivation/laziness that prevents me from exercising? I have to be honest with myself and act accordingly. I am sure, when I increase my movement/exercise, the weight loss will continue.

Today I started with a 20-minute Beginner Pilates. I liked her video. Very informative, explaining the basics of Pilates while doing the workout. It felt good! I felt my abs and legs work even though they looked like very simple moves. 👍👍👍 for me for today’s exercise part. yayyyy

After the exercise, I sat down to share my latest updates with you but I felt like, I am running low on my fuel in my body. I did not feel hungry yet though. So I went to kitchen to make my protein shake and while I am there, my jasmine green tea. Don’t forget, you steep green tea leaves for 3 minutes, and can use up to 3 times. I prepare my protein shake in a 16 oz, filtered water. I do not like or feel the need to make it in a nut milk. I prepare and finish it right away anyway. Taste is not important, and I am not saying it tastes bad too. I just do it, because I need to. I actually realized that I do not like almond milk or coconut milks. Coconut milk makes me feel dehydrated, interesting right? Almond milks taste weird, nothing like almond taste. Of course, I am talking about the ones I buy from the market even though the best, organic versions. But few days ago, I made almond milk at home with just mixing 1 tbs almond butter in one cup water in blender (this part is important) it tasted really good, almondy (made up word 😊) and creamy. So why buy with those additional unnecessary ingredients. Actually, I remember I made my own almond milk few years ago. It was easy:

  • soak almonds overnight,
  • remove the skins, (some people don’t)
  • blend in high speed blender with water,
  • strain in nut milk bag or thin dish towel (you can make almond meal with the pulp)

It tasted good, light but creamy. Lasted only few days though – became sour. The one I bought stayed a week or so. So, that is a 🤔 (hmmm, ??!!) for me. I love emojis 💖.

Sleep: We all know what we need to do for a good sleep hygiene. I guess it would not hurt to review here real quick. First, know that, good sleep is not only necessary for your cognitive functions and health but also for weight loss since it is a powerful tool for stopping cravings of sugar and carb (quick energy that your body seeks). Here are some ideas for a good night sleep 😴:

– Wind down may be an hour or so before your real sleep time. Examples:

1- avoid bright light, tv, phone, ipad etc that can alter your brain’s sleep chemicals.

2-Read something soothing; write down your worries; write down your TO DO list for the next day to empty your mind so that you would not be laying in bed thinking about what you need to do next day or the problem you have . It will help you go into a state of relaxation.

3- Get a massage; stretch; take an Epsom salt bath (fill the bath tub with hot water as hot as you can stand, add 2 cups of epsom salt, 1/2 cup baking soda (alkalizing) and 5-10 drops of lavender oil (cortisol and stress reducing) before bed.

4-Dark, quiet bedroom & no clock tick tocks. I bought those blackout curtains and they make a huge difference. If you are like me, even low level of sounds like tick tocks of a clock, ac/heater sound may prevent me to go into sleep. So I try to manage those as much as I can.

-They say do not eat within 3 hours of sleep. I usually eat my dinner between 5:30-6:30 pm depending on my hunger. Sometimes I get a little hungry before bed time and if I do not eat anything (usually little hand full of soaked nuts or a small piece of protein meat) I can not sleep. So listen to your body. I would not recommend any carb or sweets to eat though.

-Did you know that a little (20 min.) of exposure of sunlight, preferably first thing in the morning, triggers your brain to release melatonin that helps you sleep well? When I heard about this, I started to get out to my balcony every day, first thing in the morning and enjoy the sun. I also open my windows and balcony door, every morning for fresh air flow.

-They say low room temperature in bedroom is good for better sleep but with that said, if I feel cold, I can not sleep. So, I try to keep myself warm under my 100% cotton comforter. Sometimes I wear socks until I get warm than take them off.

-Try a relaxation, guided imagery. There are lots of free apps.

-Drink herbal teas. Chamomile, lavender etc.

-You can also get supplements and herbs under your doctor’s care. Dr B gave me melatonin. I am sure there are other herbs and supplements but I only would like to mention the one I am using. The dosage is important too. So please talk to your doctor about these.

Well, I hope these sleep tips helps.

I am thinking to change my title of these series going forward, should I? What do you think? Is there anything that you are curious about my current eating protocol? Please share your thoughts. I need your feedback. Thank you.💖

Just like trees, I am also amazed by clouds. This is one of the cloud picture that I took. You can see my other cloud pictures in my PHOTOGRAPHY section.

immydr-New Mexico

My NEP 7

My New ‘O Blood Type’ Eating Protocol


Hello my friend! Today, I would like to share a little bit of my struggles and then a new recipe :).

As you know, from my previous posts of this My NEP (New  Eating Protocol) series, I am eating much more protein then I used to. In every meal, I am eating meat (white or red). I am kind of making myself to eat even though I do not want to sometimes because current 3 month new eating protocol requires me to do this. So, even though I do not feel like it, I am still eating a little bit (half palm size). For this reason, I am looking for refreshing ways to eat. I am going through recipes every day; the recipes that I have in my online library or through the web site. Ohhh, I have to tell you about my ‘online library’ . This is a great app that I can’t remember how I came across but it is part of my cooking life now. It is life saver! It keeps the recipes, the picture of the recipes and the website link if I need to refer back to. I have 476 recipes there that I saved, so you figure how long and how much I have been using it. I can add tags to recipes so that I can narrow my searches to ‘desserts’, ‘breakfast’, ‘lamb’, ‘almond meal’ or any other tag that I would like to create. It has meal plan tab where I can put the recipes in queue and then spread through out the week and see my weekly cooking/meal plan. It can also populate a shopping list for you based on that meal plan. Isn’t it great? The best thing is, it is FREE. Are you ready to learn about this amazing app? Here comes the drum rolls…It is called COPY ME THAT. This is your own recipe manager: Copy the recipe that you like from any website with a click (you can add a button to your task bar) then edit, organize, plan, and shop. Sometimes, it does not save the recipe but the link, still works great for me.

By the way, I am not affiliated with the apps, brand names (of food) and market place names that I share here. I am just sharing my experiences, findings with you.

This reminded me, remember, I shared the Kite Hill almond milk yogurt in MY NEP 4 with you saying that it is the best tasted one I found so far, but yesterday I realized that it tastes like a little heavy, oily to me now. It is interesting though because it does not have any oil in it . You can see the ingredients at the end of my Yogurt Sauce recipe post. May be my taste buds are changing which I believe strongly that this can happen to us. When I was in my early 20s, I was not able to eat any dish made with zucchini, now I love it all ex: zucchini fritters, zucchini noodles, creamy zucchini soup, grilled zucchini… you name it, I am sure I will love it. Or white cabbage. My mom used to make dishes with white cabbage when I was little, I did not like or eat them. Now I am craving Ground Turkey & Vegetables Stuffed Cabbage Leaves. I made them couple of days ago, they were soo good I wanted to eat them again and I made a similar dish with the left over cabbage and the other ingredients. Was it the same taste? Not at all, but still delicious. My husband ate 2 plates full of it. I mentioned towards the end of My NEP 4 post ‘even though you use the same spices, changes in the amount of each spice changes the taste.‘ , this is true for the method of cooking too. Last night, I wanted to eat Ground Turkey & Vegetables Stuffed Cabbage Leaves again. I had all the ingredients except the cabbage leaves. I had the cabbage but it was the inner part, and it did not have big enough leaves to stuff. So I cooked all the ingredients (in pan) in order:

1 onion, diced

3 cloves of garlic, minced

2 small shredded carrots

1-2 tsp Himalayan/Sea salt

1 lb ground turkey

Inner part of the Cabbage (almost half round cabbage) (sliced in big chunks)

1 cup riced cauliflower (traditionally we use rice but no grain/starch so cauliflower is great substitute here) I actually used 1.5 cups

Spices: paprika, cumin, black pepper (if you can use), lots of paprika. Traditionally, we use tomato paste but since it is not compliant to my protocol now, just to give it a little more reddish color, I added the paprika generously.

1/4 cup olive oil ( I actually used Avocado oil last night even though Dr B. says there is not enough research done on this oil, so he does not recommend it.)

The end result, DELICOUS! I served stuffed cabbage leaves with garlic+yogurt sauce and it was great. Last night, when I tried the garlic+yogurt sauce with this new dish, it did not compliment all that well, so I squeezed a little bit of lemon juice, vowwww, what a difference. You see ‘even though you use the same ingredients, changes in the method of cooking changes the taste.

I would like to share one more thing that I cherished before letting you go, my friend. I made this wonderfully fulfilling, satisfying Ginger, Coffee Butternut Squash Pudding and shared the recipe with you. I also shared the story of its creation in My NEP 4 post. What I did not share was when I prepared that squash for baking, I threw away the seeds but as soon as I did, I regretted it because those seeds were edible. I could roast and eat them. Later in the week, when I went shopping, I finally got the spaghetti squash (wonder why I say ‘finally’ 🤔, checkout the third paragraph of My NEP 4) and I did not throw out the seeds, yayyyy. I baked them while I was baking the spaghetti squash. I did not spend too much time cleaning them, did not even wash them when I scraped them from the squash. I’ve put them on the same tray lined with parchment paper and they were nicely roasted by the time squash was done. I sprinkled a little bit of Himalayan/Sea salt mix over them and enjoyed while I was watching my favorite tv series on amazon. Just like we used to eat roasted sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds with my parents, when we were watching tv back at home.

I am so grateful, thankful that I’ve spent/shared wonderful times with my parents, still do when we can get together. Thank God, they are still alive. There may be continents between us now, but the technology now makes it easier on us even if we are away from our loved ones. To be able to talk to them, see them whenever we want/need, just like they are near us is great comfort. Love you Mom and Dad 💖

immydr – On the way to Denver