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Streets Of Denver

Denver , Colorado is six hours from where I live. I have been there for 3 nights and days. First night (Friday),  my husband and I went to 16th street Mall right after checking in our hotel. It was beautiful with all the lights, stores on each side, the free Mall bus and the horse drown carriages.

16th street mall is a long street with cafes, restaurants and shopping places. If you like you can walk all the way up and down the street or if you are tired you can take free bus on this street. If you feel like a romantic ride, you can get on the beautifully decorated, colored horse drown carriages. Unfortunately, I could not take their picture since I did not have my camera with me.

Next day (Saturday), after having my brunch at Mercury Cafe, I started wondering around the streets of Denver. I have taken  hundreds of pictures. At the end of the day, feeling tired because of walking 5-6 hours, I took a bus till Broadway street and a free mall bus from there to California Street where my hotel is.

Beside the fact that my feet were hurting, I was really happy because I had taken about 500 pictures, found quite unique places in the streets of Denver. I had few places that I wanted to visit but couldn’t such as:

I did go (walk) to these cafes but they (first two) were closed by the time I was there and the third one, I did not have time. :( I wanted to see these because they were locally sourced/organic cafes.

Same Cafe is a unique place where you can eat but pay as a donation or volunteer work. While I was passing by this cafe, I was trying to look through the window, since it was closed, I heard a voice over my shoulder saying ‘This is a great place, you eat really good food and you only put money in donation box. I ate good pizza for only $2 ‘. It was a man on the street going the same way with me. This place was only using locally grown/organic ingredients and everybody could eat there, whether they have money or not. I was impressed.

Cafe Sanora is an Italian cafe, foods made with locally sourced produce and meat whenever possible. Of course coffee is Rainforest Alliance Certified and organic coffee.

The French Press I wanted to go here because I heard they have European style pastries. I love those creamy and/or flaky desserts.

On Sunday I could not get out of the hotel because of the snow. Yes, on Saturday it was beautiful and warm, but all of a sudden, on Sunday snow decided  to come to Denver for 3 days (as news channels said). It was OK though, because I was really tired and hanged out in the concierge room categorizing my pictures and publishing  Mercury Cafe while I was enjoying breakfast, hors d’oeuvre , dessert and drinks all day :) .

I believe, sometimes instead of words, seeing (pictures) are more descriptive, they speak for their selves. So please enjoy my pictures from my Facebook page.

My picture gallery for Denver:

On The Way To Denver

The streets of Denver

Mercury Cafe

Capitol Hill Books,  bookstore

Common Grounds, cafe

Coors Field, stadium

Hollywood Posters

Osteria Marco, Italian restaurant

Pandora, gift shop

Rialto Cafe

The Desk, cafe & workplace

The Market, market

…………………, Italian restaurant

The Market on Urbanspoon

Simple Food and Healthy You

When i say ‘simple’ in my title, i refer to basic ingredients in the food that we consume. Simple ingredients, simple food. For example; I only need flour, cocoa, butter, sugar, baking powder for my chocolate cake, no need for coloring, flavoring etc. This ‘simple food’ will provide me keep my current health and even get healthier.

I am trying to eat healthy, organic food for the last ten years. As a person who loves junk food (chips and salsa, cookies, ice cream etc. ), i tried to eat them organic so it would not be harmful ( i thought). I am not talking about REAL JUNK food which is all FAST FOOD items in the market. But unfortunately lately i realized that even though i get organic and always check the ingredient list, it does not necessarily mean that they are not harmful for me. I am sorry to tell this but this is the truth. It took me ten years to realize and understand the importance of this. And i wanted to share it with you.

We already know that in ingredient list there are ‘spices, natural flavors or artificial flavors’ terms that we do not know what they are. Most artificial flavorings are derived from petroleum. Natural flavors are chemicals. Spices, we do not know which ones they are using. Are we allergic to any of those spices? I knew this for a long time and deciding which product i want according to this. But, now, i have another question. DO THEY LIST ALL THE INGREDIENTS OF THE PRODUCT?  If yes, why my store-bought bread which only has simple ingredients does not go bad in a week even though i leave it on the counter top? I experienced this both with regular wheat bread and Gluten-free millet bread. Isn’t it odd?

I heard if it is under some percentage they do not have to list it. Also, if the product is processed with something and then washed off, that ingredient does not need to be listed in the ingredients. Especially when its amount is under some percentage again. How right is this? We are still consuming those chemicals or whatever they are.

Besides the ‘spices, natural flavors or artificial flavors’ that we do not know what they are, now unlisted ingredients. I read somewhere that ‘Many artificial flavors are made using amyl acetate. It may cause nervous system depression, indigestion, chest pain, headaches, fatigue, and irritate the mucus membranes.’ i believe the unlisted ingredients might have the same NEGATIVE and may be more NEGATIVE effects on us too. I remembered McDonald’s french fries. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=htnvzLU1I1o

Well, enough about all this sad news. My real purpose to tell you about this is actually we do not need them. WE CAN MAKE OUR OWN FOOD AT HOME. Our own bread with basic, simple ingredients (flour, salt, water, yeast-sometimes you don’t even need this); our cookies, pastries; desserts etc. I am not talking about our dishes such as soup, salad, main dishes as meat or vegetarian. We should have already started doing these. I am talking about baking now. Believe me it is not hard. I know it from first hand.

I just started making my own breads and pastries/desserts at home. I must confess i was purchasing them from organic store but i do not trust them any more, plus it is my new hobby. I love eating and cooking.  I just added baking to my kitchen experience now. I can not explain with words how much it is a great pleasure for me to eat and feed with these 100% healthy, know-what-it-really-has-in-it, somehow not making me bloat or gain weight dishes. I am also  having a great time looking for recipes, changing few things according to my taste and present it. While i am doing my research i come across with wonderful recipe sites or blogs that i enjoy reading.

If i can do this, you can do it too ( if you really care about what you eat).  I will write about my latest, easy, simple recipes; pita bread, chocolate lava cake and spiced quinoa pilaf in the recipe section.

Today, I would like to finish my writing with a quote :

‘The food you eat can either be the safest and most powerful form of medicine OR  the slowest form of poison.’