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I (have to) LOVE MYSELF!

Unfortunately, today’s most  women are not happy with their body. I believe they all have their own, good reason to feel that way. They may be really a little bit overweight because of health issues (sometimes even they are not aware of it ex: thyroid problems, liver problems etc.) or wrong, unhealthy eating habits that they can not stop. Addiction is a powerful thing to break. But how about those who does not have to have any worries about their body (weight) but still think so. That, my friend, is a result of media, magazines, TV etc which effects our women like brain washing in a stupid, unrealistic way.

If we are not happy, if we are down all the time, hopeless, we can not have the strength and/or courage to change things.  We have to accept  but be willing to fight for what we want.

Do not forget, you are not alone. There are a lot of women and men actually who feels the same way you do. Do not feel sorry for yourself but encourage yourself to do something about it (if you really have to, unlike those poor young girls thinking they are fat but actually it is not the case).

We have to appreciate for every little thing that we have. We have to be happy. We have to be thankful. What is a little love handle or a little bump on your stomach? How about not having an arm, a leg or a sight?

I found a good article which may help those who feel like ‘they have to change the way they think to be happier about their self’.