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Brown Rice Pasta

You may think that pasta is the easiest dish to make. But, actually, i believe all dishes have their own cooking techniques to make them DELICIOUS. But of course ingredients are important too. You can make a pasta dish taste completely different by adding only garlic or tomato/red pepper paste (my favorite two things).

When it comes to brown rice pasta (Gluten free), i have a really good and easy technique to make it taste like regular (whole wheat) pasta. Unfortunately when you boil the brown rice pasta it leaves a lot of starch. The boiling water gets really thick. I love my pasta really soft, so i boil it a lot (which is not really all that much healthy, the softer pasta, the higher glycemic index).  Most people drain the pasta (brown rice) and add the remaining ingredients to it. But the taste, the texture, the appearance are no good (at least for me).

Tip: If you rinse the pasta with cold water after draining, all starch would go away and you would have a clear looking, shiny pasta (not slimy).

While it is straining the water, you can melt your butter with a little bit olive oil (to prevent butter from burning), add a clove of garlic (minced) and saute till you can smell the garlic ( i love it). Now, you can add your tomato/red pepper (about a tablespoon depending on the amount of pasta) paste to add some color and a little more taste if you like.

You can add your pasta, toss and put a lid on for few minutes (turn off the stove) and let sit for few minutes to absorb all the flavors.

More tips: If you add oil to boiling water of pasta, it wouldn’t stick each other. If you put salt to boiling water, pasta would absorb it while cooking, and taste much better.

Bon Apetite!