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Mama Pacha Vegan Cafe ,Santa Fe

As you may know, i live in Los Alamos right now. I am visiting  all ORG/V/VV/GF restaurant/cafes in Santa Fe. Well, what can i say, it is my hobby. I love eating good, clean and allergy free (mine: GF, sugar, yeast) food and i must say after working in a wonderful Mediterranean restaurant when i lived in Norfolk, VA for about 5 years, i started to be a critic myself. Friends and family members around me started to tell me to write reviews, book or a blog.  Every time i go to a restaurant i look at the food, cleanliness and customer service and compare it with my joy, Pasha Mezze Restaurant

At Pasha, everything is cooked from scratch (i know, i was there :). Cooking, training and witnessing others cook ;) All kinds of dishes (Vegan, vegetarian, GF, raw, seafood, red meat, white meat..), olive oil in dishes,  himalayan salt on tables, organic coffee, Mediterranean desserts, Coffee House next door, patio… I missed them ;(

Well, i better come back to my subject:  Mama Pacha. It is a modest, small place with 4-5 tables. Seems like 2 ppl runs the place.

Salad (Mama Pacha Salad, small) and dessert (Chocolate Raspberry cake) that i tried were really tasty. Cashew jalapeno cheese on salad tasted like real cream cheese which is really a good news for me who is trying to cut back on cheese. Raw buckwheat-sunflower croutons were really good too, crunchy, delicious.You don’t have to get large salad ($10), small salad ($6) is enough to fill you up, because of all the nutritious, crunchy things on them. But i think dulse seaweed (which i believe is really good for you) kind of ruined the taste combination, it would be much better without it.

Dessert was worth to price ($7.50) even though expensive. Soooo goood, creamy, guilt free, fulfilling, with real raspberries in it.

I could not try anything else but even these two dishes tell me the overall taste (good) of the other items. Beside the fact that the prices are a little on the high side, the other thing that i can say is they need help. Their food can be really good but customer service, being helpful for the questions you ask (about the food or the classes they offer).. these are really important. I am guessing they are really trying to catch up with the things they do from scratch and i guess other things, they forget about the customer service.

One last thing, they were not wearing gloves when they were preparing the food. This is important, especially if you are handling raw food. I will go back there again. Not everyone can catch the taste that they have. They succeeded in making raw food (especially DESSERT) taste good.

I believe raw food can be really useful to heal our self. As i say if  ‘i am my doctor’, i should eat what is good for my body. Not as a whole diet may be, but raw food (veggies, fruits, soaked nuts..) is  really important for our health.

Love, Peace, Happiness, Clean Food .

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